Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oct 9 - After-Scenario Questionnaire (ASQ) - Lewis of IBM

After-Scenario Questionnaire (ASQ)

Administration and Scoring.
Give the questionnaire to a participant after he or
she has completed a scenario during a usability evaluation. Average (with the arithmetic mean) the scores from the three items to obtain the ASQ score for a participant's satisfaction with the system for a given scenario. Low scores are better than high scores due to the anchors used in the 7-point scales. If a participant does not answer an item or marks N/A, average the remaining items to obtain the ASQ score.

Instructions and Items.
The questionnaire's instructions and items are:
For each of the statements below, circle the rating of your choice.

Likert scale:
1 = strongly agree
7 = strongly disagree

1. Overall, I am satisfied with the ease of completing this task.

2. Overall, I am satisfied with the amount of time it took to complete this task.

3. Overall, I am satisfied with the support information (on-line help, messages,
documentation) when completing this task.

IBM Computer Usability Satisfaction Questionnaires: Psychometric Evaluation and Instructions for Use
Technical Report 54.786
James R. Lewis
Human Factors Group
Boca Raton, FL